Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Plan(s)

You've spent years, maybe decades, building your business. You've invested countless hours and resources developing processes and procedures that dictate every aspect of your day-to-day operations. However, what many companies do not consider are their weaknesses, whether through a single point of failure, lagging back-up policies and procedures or worse, personnel who leave the company and take their tribal knowledge with them.

At Sofvue, we have written numerous Disaster Recovery Plan(s) (DRP), from small businesses with only a handful of employees to mid-sized companies with hundreds. Big or small, we follow the same approach. This includes;

> Meeting with your management team to identify concerns
> Meeting with key employees, individually, to uncover problematic areas that people might otherwise not want to talk about, or that senior management doesn't know about, or that middle management hasn't been able to identify.
> Confirm, update or modify processes that produce a continually evolving and improving DRP
> Create a DRP delivery system that works
> Run live simulations to ensure the plan works

Prior experience has taught us well that the process of creating a DRP is 90% of the battle. It's through this process that many of the fail-points are revealed and eliminated. A great DRP is much like a life insurance or key-man policy. We hope you never have to use it, but should the need arise, having a solid DRP allows your business to continue running even in the worst of circumstances.

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