Real Estate Technology Consulting

Real Estate Technology Consulting

Your Real Estate Technology Department
Who is better suited to develop your project?  The tech company that has 200 client companies, 10 who are real estate companies, or a tech company with 100 clients, all 100 in the real estate marketplace?

John Tomblin, Sofvue's founder, is a real estate technologist.  He is immersed in the real estate technology sector every day.  He's worked in the real estate marketplace since 1982, so he knows a thing or two about the business.  He's developed hundreds of websites and applications in the real estate sector, has written several books on real estate appraisal theory and agency law and has taught for the National Association of Realtors "Graduate, Realtors Institute" program.  He is a frequent panelist and guest speaker at different real estate events in Arizona and California, and he can be found giving talks to real estate companies on how to better utilize technology in the coming decade.  He is the principal architect and developer of,, and, (4) SaaS applications entering the marketplace in 2019 and 2020.

John and his team provide the following consulting services.

  • Identify best options for designing and deploying company website(s)
  • Develop an effective Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Develop and deploy an effective SEO marketing strategy
  • Locate the right managed services/cloud technology / hosting services provider for your unique business needs
  • Identify best cloud technologies to reduce operational overhead
  • Assess, identify and refine, when cost appropriate, custom solution requirements unique to your business
  • Define and select the best IT initiatives for your business, along with the quantifiable, measurable results that follow

Sofvue has been delivering technology consulting and development services to the real estate community since 2003.  Sales are the life-blood of any company, and at Sofvue, our sales quota is achieved when your operational goals are fulfilled.

To learn more and schedule a free consultation with your NEW real estate technology department, Sofvue, give us a call at 623-845-2747