Reverse Software Engineering

Reverse Software Engineering

We live in a data-driven world and today, more than ever, businesses must be certain their software is documented well.  Ask yourself these six questions regarding your company's software.

1)  If you Lead Programmer, Developer or IT Manager left today, can someone else take over programming efforts tomorrow?
2)  Do Senior Management understand how the major and minor components of your company’s software work?
3)  Does your software use API's, and if yes, where is all the information stored regarding the API source providers, their contact details and who your company works with to ensure the API's remain operating?
4)  When changes are made to your company software, what is your versioning control strategy and how is your change repository managed, aka CI/CD?
5)  Are your Use Case Scenarios and operational algorithms properly identified and tracked?
6)  Are your applications tables and joins fully documented, and are they current through today's date?

One of the biggest failing’s most companies miss involves maintaining and continually improving their software documentation.  So long as everything stays the same in your company and you have no personnel changes, a well-documented strategy is unnecessary...but what are the odds?

At Sofvue, we have reverse engineered dozens of mid- to large-scale applications, some with thousands of modules and components.  If your company has its own custom software technology and your single point of failure is one or two key personnel, then it’s time to consider a reverse software engineering strategy.

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