Web Development

Web Development

200 Completed Projects and Counting
At Sofvue, we divide web development into four broad categories including, company brochure website, holistic website design, CRM/MLS web development and complex application development.  Which one best describes what you are looking for?

Our Five Point Website Review & Guarantee
Most small business owners do not have the experience (nor should they) to know whether their website is working optimally.  That's why Sofvue offers our (5) Point Website Review with the following goals and guarantee;

  1.  We will review your website top-to-bottom to identify whether your site is set-up for optimal performance.  We will examine your sites;
    (a) speed
    (b) hosting
    (c) site responsiveness
    (d) site ranking
    (e) site optimization
  2. If we find any lagging issues or problem areas, we will document what those problems are and explain them is simple to understand terms.
  3. We will advise on any issues that need immediate attention, or issues that can wait for another time, or until a site redesign is necessary.
  4. We guarantee there are no costs associated with our review.  Our goal is be a your real estate technology partner, not a cost center.  There is no cost or obligation to purchase any of our services.  We provide this site review so you have the right information and can decide for yourself your own best course of action.

"Company Brochure Websites" for the development/construction and brokerage community
Whether you are a construction company, architect, construction vendor or brokerage firm, every company must present itself on the web.  100% of our "brochure" sites are created on the WordPress framework, for four proven reasons:

1)  Site design is streamlined to a single template already designed and ready to go.
2)  Most WordPress themes are already "Responsive", meaning they are mobile friendly, meaning iOS/Android and/or the need for React coding is unnecessary.  This means that after your website is launched, it can respond to most devices people use to view your content.
3)  When your site is complete and launched, you have a complete Content Management System (CMS) built directly into the source code.  This allows you to effortlessly manage imagery, blog authoring, along with access to thousands of free plug-ins designed exclusively for most MySQL/PHP WordPress themes.
4)  You save thousands of dollars in otherwise lost or unproductive design time.

"Holistic Website Design"
Our research indicates that in Arizona alone, there are over 100,000 real estate websites serving the AEC/CRE/RESIDENTIAL marketplace.  That's a lot of sites competing for the coveted page 1 ranking position!  At Sofvue, we understand this dilemma.  It's also why, when we brand a company, we follow a deliberate and tactical approach to website design.

To learn more and receive a comprehensive brochure about our unique approach, contact us at 623-845-2747.

Brokerage and property management "CRM/MLS Web Development"

The goal is clear.  Whether you own or manage a CRE or residential brokerage or property management firm, more visitor traffic equals more phone calls equals more lead conversions.  To achieve this goal , four tactics must be implemented, including:

  • Completing national MLS/IDX integration or CMS database development for CRE firms
  • Providing your team in-person and/or online training on how to use your new Content Management System (CMS)
  • Designing and building a back-end Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) database to manage leads and prospects.
  • Deploy a short- and long-term Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to achieve a page #1 ranking position

Meeting these goals requires a deep understanding of the brokerage industry, how leads are generated and managed through your office and how to track and ensure leads don't fall through the cracks.  Sofvue brings twenty years of actual real estate brokerage, appraisal and property management experience to every project.  Because of our unique background, we consider ourselves uniquely qualified for your real estate website and brokerage project.

"Complex Application Development" (Microsoft.NET)

For some projects, MySQL or WordPress templates are simply not robust enough to get the job done.  For these projects, we offer Microsoft .NET development services.  To better understand when a .NET solution is the better choice, consider the following examples of .NET applications Sofvue has developed.  Maybe one of these projects is similar to what you are looking for.  If a match, we would welcome a call.

  • Real Estate Jobs Board Application (2009) - For this project, a custom jobs board application was needed, offering numerous full- and part-time real estate and managerial jobs through the company portal, for all sorts of roles, from front-offer support members to branch managers to data-entry staff.  For this project, a custom application was designed and built on the .NET framework.  Once site development was complete, the software was introduced to a larger .NET framework.  After a half day training program for site administrators, the site was placed into service for full-scale use.|
  • Home Maintenance Support Application (2012) - Using the .NET framework, this company needed an application that notified home owners of key dates and maintenance needs specific to their home, on specific dates.  This project was a 14 month effort involving business requirement development meetings, producing several hundred mid- and high-fidelity wireframes, 5 sprint development cycles lasting anywhere from 4-5 weeks each and a 3 month beta launch.  The site was launched in 2013 and continues operating today (2019).
  • Presidio Title Company (2008) - Presidio Title, a real estate title company,  presented two unique challenges.  Since they were underwritten by another major insurance provider, certain aspects of their day-to-day operations lacked a system to manage the large flow of incoming information, so goal 1 was to develop a intranet database to support those processes.  Secondly, the company needed several customer facing online tools to support their customer base made up of developers, builders, commercial and residential real estate companies.   Over the span of eight months, Sofvue designed, built and launched both solutions for the company.  Both projects were completed on-time and within budget.

To learn more, contact us at 623-845-2747